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The college process is an important opportunity for student growth before heading off to college.  With proper guidance, students will experience a successful application cycle and discover their best college fit where they can flourish academically and socially.


The college process doesn’t have to be stressful.  Let us help you approach and be successful in the college application season with less stress.  Through careful planning, expert advice and assisted navigation, we provide personalized service to guide you through a complex process that doesn’t need to be a source of stress for you and your family.   Whether it is identifying the “right fit” schools for you, guiding you through essay development or application completion, we can help.




Schedule of Services:

Complimentary 20-30 minute meeting or phone conversation:

We assess your needs and discuss how we can meet them in the college discovery and application process.


Hourly fee structure does not include management of entire college process and is suitable for younger students or those with limited needs (subject to consultant’s availability).  Hourly structure utilized prior to signing Comprehensive Package late Junior year (or later).  Incurred for time spent with student and/or family members for in-person, virtual or phone meetings.  Also incurred for Special Services.

Comprehensive Package (may be selected after initial HOURLY meeting):

Begin late-Junior year (or later).  Includes management of college process.  May include face-to-face meetings, telephone, email and video chat communications.  Scope:  May include discovery of student interests, abilities and passions, development of college list, test prep recommendations, resume composition, essay brainstorming and editing suggestions, application timeline navigation, planning/completion, interviewing preparation and affordability advice. Finally, assistance in the evaluation of offers of admission and financial aid awards.  

Special Services:

For services beyond scope of standard services.  Will be discussed with client families as soon as circumstances become apparent. Usually incurred for extraordinarily large or complicated college list, arts supplement advice or compilation, athletes, learning differences, complicated situations or special circumstances requiring extra time and attention.

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